I'm Ricardo, a Montreal based Web Designer

I have experience creating websites that are

lightweight, user-friendly, good-looking

and built using the latest web standards.



Below is a sample selection of companies where I have worked in Canada and Peru.


Interface Design, HTML, CSS, Flash, Adobe Creative Suite Mehr lesen...

Air Canada

Web Design, Programming, Web Analytics.


Web Design, Integration, Content Management System, ASP, Flash, HTML, CSS.


Web Integration, MS SharePoint, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop.

Olay AC Disnat BDC

A web designer 1, I also have a degree in economics.

Based in Montreal, I have experience in Design, Wireframe, Development, Integration, Maintenance, UX, UI, Web Analytics, SEO, Responsive Design, QA of websites and applications.

Five songs currently playing on my iphone:

Artist: The Weeknd, song: The Hills. Artist: Black Kids, song: In a song. Artist: George Michael, song: Cowboys & angels Artist: Lou Reed, song: New Sensations Artist: Style Council, song: You're the best thing.

At a glance...
I love sports, I'm a big fan of the NBA. I'm an active Stock Market investor, also well trained in the culinaire art, having worked in restaurants and hotels while studying. My favorite restaurant is The French Laundry in Napa Valley, California.
I have always liked CSS & HTML, as I like coding and making things look good.

Web Design: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, HTML5, CSS3. Programming: Php, Asp, VBA, Java, Javascript, Jquery, XCode, Sass. Databases: Oracle, mySql, Access. CMS: Sharepoint, WordPress. Bootstrap, Foundation, Web Analytics.

I have been lucky to work with great people, both on companies and freelance clients, it's been fun learning about fitness and workouts men's fitness, which I can't really show on this site. I'll hopefully get around to update the portfolio...; Recommended sites: A list Apart, CSS Zen, CSS Beauty, Most Inspired, CSS Play, Newark1, Web Designer mag.

I'm not your average web Designer


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